We are a professional, progressive, technologically focused agricultural business management and consulting accountancy firm focused on delivering excellence to customers in farming.

Welcome to Hazelbite

What makes Hazelbite unique is the combination of knowledge and skills which culminates in a quality of workmanship and attention to detail which cannot be found elsewhere. Providing practical business advice through close working relationships makes their services indispensable.

Hazelbite enables you to have the skills of a chief financial officer when you need them most.


Hazelbite provides business services to the entire food supply chain. A specialist in the UK dairy industry, they also work with fresh produce and arable businesses, serving market sectors including farming, the agricultural supply trade, food processors and retailers.

Hazelbite was founded in 2005 by Elizabeth Hull

From a dairy and arable farming background, the combination of a Degree in Agriculture and CIMA Management Accounting Qualification provides understanding, relevance, accuracy, and validity.

Elizabeth can work with you to carry out enterprise and unit cost analysis, model projects and scenarios, benchmark within groups, establish farm specific KPI’s and much more. This is all optimized to ensure that information flow is seamless and data output is current, relevant, and understandable.

Helping YOU to manage YOUR business.

Client Testimonial

Uncanny ability to immediately grasp concepts and create actionable plans to address any complicated situations at hand.

Her intelligence and work ethic has won her praise and respect from both executive management and colleagues alike.

Business Service

Hazelbite works with some of the most progressive farmers in the UK, helping them to utilise their assets more effectively to achieve their business goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Every business needs a clear understanding of its financial performance and a clear idea of where it’s heading. Hazelbite works with businesses to provide strategic business management services, including:

  • Forward budgeting
  • Strategy development
  • Asset management
  • Debt restructuring
  • Business restructuring and turnaround management
  • Evaluation of new investments
  • Business appraisals

What can Hazelbite do for your business?

Rather than use a consultant with limited accounting and tax knowledge, and an accountant with limited agricultural knowledge, choose Hazelbite for a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in both Agriculture and Accountancy.

  • Hazelbite offers a bespoke tailored service based on a unique combination of knowledge & skills
  • Professional, progressive and technologically focused
  • Understanding, accuracy and attention to detail
  • Work effectively with you and your team as an in-house finance professional
  • Reduced audit fees thanks to accurate management information
  • Delivers detailed budgets & full management accounts within your own software
  • Identify business weaknesses & potential savings
  • Supplies strong financial analysis & problem solving to provide strategic direction & effective solutions
  • Creates streamlined financial & operational processes
  • Supporting you to increase your own level of business management.

Group Work

This often facilitates the structure to monitor financial performance on a regular basis, with small groups of like-minded system operated businesses. It brings meaningful consistency to output, breeds competition and enables in depth cost analysis via financial modelling. The benefit can’t be grasped until you are doing it!

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